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About Triple Threat Performance Coaching

Fueled by a lifelong passion for sports, Marquis Neal, owner of Triple Threat Performance Coaching, knew he wanted to share his passion with others. As a child, Marquis was never without a ball in his hand. His dad even called him “Sport.” As part of championship-winning teams and traveling often to compete, his life revolved around sports. A pivotal moment happened in high school for Marquis that would ultimately lead him on this path towards Triple Threat Performance Coaching. As a shoo-in for starting quarterback as a senior, he was pulled after only three games and finished the year playing different positions. But instead of letting disappointment and anger set it, Marquis took the opportunity to learn, and most importantly, to cultivate his passion for sports.

Marquis has had many other life experiences that have shaped him and prepared him to offer top-tier performance coaching. The military was where Marquis had heard the expression “Triple Threat,” and it would prove to be another pivotal moment in his life. Coaching became a passion for Marquis at a time in his life where he felt like he needed to redirect and give back. As soon as Marquis joined his first coaching program, he knew his life would never be the same. With the hopes of sharing the same transformational power coaching had in his life, Marquis started Triple Threat Performance Coaching. Marquis’ passion is to guide others through the process of building a stronger internal capacity in order to handle whatever life may have to offer. Marquis is a certified coach and is happy to share his services with others.

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