Advanced Strength

Strength Training

Advanced Strength

Audience: Ages 13-22

Focus: Sport-specific strength training for those aspiring to compete at the highest levels

As a component of the Advanced program, Advanced Strength provides a sport-specific protocol for the high-level athlete to develop strength in areas that will directly transfer to their chosen sport. This high-level training pushes athletes to the next level, giving them a competitive edge as they prepare to compete at the high school, collegiate, Olympic or professional level.

Properly programmed strength training is a crucial element in developing blazing speed for today’s athlete. A term we like to use at Parisi is training athletes to be “strong enough” – building enough strength relative to body weight. Athletes in Advanced Strength will:

  • Strengthen knowledge of body mechanics and movement patterns
  • Reinforce understanding of the proper form for the squat, deadlift, bench press, and more
  • Perform properly progressed and regressed movements as well as program variations for optimal strength development and athletic performance

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