Players hear the mothers, fathers, coaches, and other fans from the sidelines yelling "focus" and "concentrate" as they perform on the court, field, or ice rink. Being overwhelmed by the crowd can lead to symptoms like stress, anxiety, and more. For athletes, improving their concentration skills is closely linked to growing their ability to stay focused on different endeavors. This article shall address five essential exercises that athletes can conduct to enhance their concentration abilities in real-time.

So what is concentration? Concentration is maintaining awareness and focusing on relevant cues over time and shifting focus when necessary (NASM, 2019). People often confuse concentration and focus because they are closely related. Concentration is the act of maintaining your focus is the "something" that you are paying attention to. (Schneider, 2014).

5 Tips To Maintain and Increase Your Athlete's Concentration


Attentiveness is important because it enables you to interpret directional cues more...